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Not all broken things are meant to be fixed!


It was early in the morning, I was about to start my work. When my two-year old came running to me with a broken toy. It was one of her favorite toy, a plastic green colored fish. She was hoping, I would fix it for her. It looked like broken forever, anyone could tell in one glance. My baby, a toddler found very hard to grasp the reality so easily, she kept nagging me to fix the toy for her.

It was a very simple incident that happens in every household now and then. But it hit me hard! Might be the green tea that I took in the morning awaken my muse!

An instant thought came along! Not all broken things are meant to be fixed!

Recently one of my friends gone through a very painful divorce. In moment of weakness she confessed that she was hoping that it would work but it didn’t. We all knew that was never going to work. It was broken forever. Like the toy, some relationships also never meant to be fixed. The sooner we understand, the better.

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The most difficult part is to have an understanding in relationship is whether ‘to work on’ or  ‘to move on’. Sometimes we knew it was over but we were hoping for a miracle because we didn’t know that there could be another life without this phase, this dream or this person.

But believe me there is! And there will be always. This is how life works!

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I lost many things in my life, I was almost broke more over a decade now. My dream was shattered and my hopes were gone. It was very dark phrase of life where I just gave up on life. Everything around me seemed meaningless. I wrote some saddest poems on those days. I lived on that self-pity zone for a long time. It took years to heal.

The wound has its mark in my life but it doesn’t bother me anymore. I accept it as part of me. I worked hard on getting back my life. I collected lots of self- help books and got connected with very positive people in course of time.

Healing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, but the important thing is I never gave up. Things started to change in very slow motion and today when I look back I thank to God for making this far.

Today, I’m in a new phase of life which was totally unbelievable fifteen years back. I found a new love, a new phase and new reason to love life. And I’m very grateful for that.


With a smile, I picked up the toy and told her that the fish is going for vacation. A new fish would come and join her. That evening she got a new toy fish! She happily started playing with it forgetting about the old one. The joy was overwhelming for the mother as well.

It would have been nice if we can replace all the things so easily like the toy. But with life it works differently. The emotional hurts take time to heal. Remember, life again will take it turn and things will be much better soon!

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Definition Of Being Strong!

Once an injured bird fell down in front of a giant Lion. Instead of hurting the bird, the lion decided to help to cure her wounds. 

In the process of healing bird has discovered a lots of things about the king of the jungle. She also found him very wise. So the little bird grabbed some courage to ask some questions to enlighten her. 

After a long silence Little Bird took a deep breath and said ‘ What makes you so strong?’. 

Lion smiled and explained ‘I’m not strong, just that I have decided to not to go back doesn’t mean I’m strong. I have a strong wall backside that’s why I can’t move back.’ 

– “What kind of wall? “

– “God, he is there to take care. I have pass all my fears and worries to him, see? I might not stronger than what all I’m dealing with, but he is more stronger than anything in this universe. Don’t you think it is a good idea to rely on someone very stronger than all your problems?” A smile spread on Lion’s face.

Little bird returned back the favor with a bigger smile and thankful eyes.

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To handle stress.

One of my friend, Sola and me were discussing about struggle of youth to prove themselves as best. It is suddenly a stress and any stress is unhealthy. Sola is a meditator, healer and a guide. She was telling me ‘it is very important to value oneself before one seeks validation from others. One has to recognize their own strength and weakness. Self-evaluation with love is must. When a person works within to improve her or himself, the concentration changes from outer opinion to inner understanding. And this shift helps to deal with stress as well.  Coz in our core inner world, nobody’s opinion is matters but ours. Then we bound to be better and better every day’ 

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We often caught in a situation where everything seems so frustrating, when the day doesn’t go so well, fight with dear ones or some emotional roller-coaster.  There are so many reasons to get upset and ruin our day.

And at that point of time we all need a magic to just to feel right. Whenever I feel low, I recall a small conversation of a wise soul ‘Sola’. She is most positive and joyful soul I ever know.

That day I went shopping with Sola. We have a small soap store here.  They sell handmade colorful soaps with very reasonable price. Sola picked around seven soaps instant with various colors and fragments.  Looking at my rolled eyes she smiled and said ‘Oh! You needn’t to give that look my dear, you see, I love smell of soaps but once you get used to it for long then suddenly you can’t feel the smell anymore.  Off course the smell is there but for our nose it is just monotonous that we almost don’t smell it. See, I love to have a good fragrance around especially when I have bath, so I switch to different soap for a change. And it works.  You see a different scent of soap cut the monotonousness.  In that way my bath is always refreshing.’

After a long and hard day, I sighed ‘I wish there is something in life, you know,  to switch over and feel nice.’
Sola cried in excitement ‘Off course there is, prospective my dear prospective.’

And I got my lesson, next time if I feel bad about a situation I immediately start thinking about all good things I have in my life and that’s help.

Hope this will help you too.

Good Day

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I saw, I Learnt

Once a eager to learn pupil asked the Master  ‘What makes you to be happy all the time?’
Master answered  ‘The concept of happiness is very simple, if someone give me 500 bucks I’m happy, I keep it in my pocket, if someone gives me 5 bucks I’m still happy and I keep it in my pocket. Accept and gratitude whatever I receive.’
Pupil: ‘But, what if 500 bucks snatched from you?’
Master: ‘I will be still happy, I still got my LIFE with me to live’. He said ‘No matter how worse the situation is; there are always something you have to be happy about. The choice always yours’

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To find answers!

Sometime I feel the answers always there within, ready to serve. All we need to do is first stop asking questions. And surrender ourselves to peace. Let our mind out of all questions, logic & probable answers. The mind should get into a thoughtless stage. When the mind has nothing to deal with; we will find all our answers lies beneath us just as the surface that we see only when the stream is clear. ~~DRG

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Flamboyant Tree

Does the spout of flamboyant tree ever thought that it would become so magnificence one day? The only thing the spout did is grown within every day a little. Like that we don’t know what will the future unfold to us, let us just not stop if we can’t see it clearly but make sure that everyday we have grown spiritually positively a step ahead than yesterday . ~~ DRG

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God gave us freewill not to test us but surrender to him totally. The complete faith and love comes when you accept God from the core. When you know there is no other way to walk other than is HIS path and you do this without any questioning by your choice not by force. The beauty of free will is when you leave all your will to God willingly. ~~~ DRG.

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A Little Bird & Morning Dew!!

A Little Bird:

If only I can live a life of dew

A life in stillness, no hunger to feed
A life in silence, nothing to heed

Knowing the fate a few count remain
Nothing to lose or anything to gain

                                                       Born to shine though for a brief
                                                      Just to accept the fate without grief 

                                                       How contented that would be?
                                                       Holding symbol of sea within me?
                                                                                   Oh only if I can…
                                                                                     live a life of dew

A Dew :
If only I can live a life of robin
To ride in the breast of mighty sky
To wear the pride of higher fly
The journey made with wind  
The freedom gifted with kind
Imprisoned dream disparate for a grace  
The magic that turns alive is yet to trace
What a wonderful life could be?
Live like a mighty life within thy?
Oh only if I can…

                                                Live a life of a little bird