FreeVerse, Poetry

The places I have lived.

My words to keep you alive through my life,
You are lost only to find in distance songs,
You are buried only to awaken on my memoirs.

When I think of you,
I may pick-
Longest nights of fairy summer,
Shortest days of frosty winter,
Deepest sobs of rain,
And widest fragrance of spring,
Of the places I have lived!

How can I forget?
the little bird’s endeavor
– to build his nest on my dormer,
picking the finest twigs and leaves.

I remember,
Komorebi’s play on picnic sport,
Muse’s call on awaken nights,
Nap of a lazy noon on red couch,
And the whispers of hoaxed mists.

Those are aroma of places,
Moments that we breathe,
feels like first love,
keeps coming from past,
lives in the dreams.
The places I have ever lived.



An invisible oath called FOREVER,
                        from a nomad to another.

As they held and enjoyed each moment like eternity.
Where unseen reality is more alive than a living dream.
Knowing it is not the moment that will stay.

But somewhere in the wind or the petal of flower.
It will transit from generation to generation. Soul to soul, one to another.

The WISH will be born again to become FOREVER.

FreeVerse, Love

One day if you find

One day if you find my words are muted,
don’t assume that I don’t care, read my silence.
Like a book, in letters I have imprisoned my emotions.

One day if you find my smile disappeared,
don’t think I have stopped loving, see my tears.
Like an ocean, each drop carrying unlimited love.

One day if you find my sky is dark clouded,
don’t think I have forgotten you, watch the rainbow.
Like a container, I have kept your colorful memories.

One day if you find my dreams scattered,
don’t think they are lost, gaze at the stars.
Like diamonds, they will spread all over the sky.

One day if you find I’m gone forever,
don’t think I have left you, look into your soul.
Like a dream, I will be there to make you whole.

Written on 30-Mar-11

FreeVerse, Love, Poetry

If forever is a lie.

On a creamy afternoon,
Hurried fairy clouds on bricks walk;
When the nature like a distended lass,
changing over her cloak from green to autumn.

The essence of transformation made wind heavier. 

Like a sudden awake from dream to reality;
A wonder distance beholder of transform,
realized nothing is for ever.

With a fear of losing his sweetheart
The lad asked his love,
“What if forever is a lie?”

The lover was resting on his chest,
under the open sky; closing her eyes,
held him close and whispered in his ear
“then lets live each moment as last.”

@diparanig All Right reserve 

Written on Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Sunday afternoons, leisure afternoons;
Often they tend to take us in past;
Reminds us some unfinished business;
Ask questions which were unanswered;
Recall memories which lost its present…

Some Sunday afternoons, leisure afternoons;

Finds all abandon Fancy worlds that I created;
Fight battles which I never own in my times;
Freshen up wounds which meant to dissolve;
Wants to explore the road that I have never taken…

Some Sunday afternoons, leisure afternoons;
Can make you feel like a defeated soldier ..

But in course of time… I have learnt
It is not necessary to win every battle;
to have success in every crush;
to be sad for all that I have lost;
to answer every summon;
to have all I wished for;

Rather it is OK to live in peace and love all my imperfection.