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Ocean winds,

Blow caution through skeleton.


Moon light,

Cry over the grave.


A child,

Scribbles on dairy.

So here is the news ! I joined Tanka class in Allpoetry and here is my first assignment! 

Assignment:- For this assignment write THREE short descriptions, TWO lines each, of anything simple but interesting, anything you witness. Just report what you see/experience without any interpretation. Just say what is there and not what you think. For boundaries each line must be no longer than seven syllables. This is not a set pattern but the maximum you can use. If you can use less, so much the better.

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The last gaze.

Sit968ting beside the grave of beloved wife,
The husband in thoughts,
‘What was the last gaze for?
Was he forgiven or thanked for his deeds?’
The gaze has gone for now and ever.
But still haunts him in dreams.

Note: This is for poetry written for a contest.. this female picture prompt (Exact 40 words)

Allpoetry, DRGMemoir

The Red Impact.


It was a red embraced evening,
As I was watering the plants,
I saw her.
Wearing the red dress,
Same as I had one,
Gifted by him.
With white flowers in hands.
Walking somewhere,
She didn’t look at me.
She was in hurry.
But I saw her.
She was
wearing my fantasies,
living my moments,
feeling my joy.

The Red Color I recalled.

Usually has an impact in my life.

I met him in a red painted gallery,
He proposed me with red roses,
Our bedroom had a red carpet,

The day when was sick,
Red blood covered my lower,
The doctor wearing a red glass frame,
My heart pondered,
Fetus died.

The day he got caught,
He was wearing a red necktie.
The day we separated,
It was a red moon day.

Gone those days.

As I seat on the chair,
Looked into the kit,
Indicated red.
The new love would arrive soon,
The red roses from balcony giggled,
The wind whispered not all red are gloomy!!!

Wrote on a contest called ‘color red’ at 

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On that day,

After a light rain,
I was with coffee,
My dream was wet
So the afternoon.

In between,
Comforting breeze,
Aging afternoon,
Mischievous cloud,
And silent sky,

Suddenly on right-east side,
From the heaven to earth,
Seven colors united,
And spread the sky.
A rainbow.

A mystique being,
Without measure,
Rain’s treasure,
Sky’s lover,
Dream’s color.
A rainbow.

Allpoetry, Contest

The last night guest!

The wind with its swinging mood,

                               Like a gloomy lass,
                               Cloaked in moon beams,
                               Mourned whole night,                                                            In my backyard.

By Dipa Rani G, All rights reserved
Written on: Sunday, September 16, 2012
Note: Wrote this poem for a contest organized by Allpoetry with following rules::
Prompt: AIR
**Be Original
**Do not use the word Air in your poem
**20 words no more no less

Allpoetry, Contest

Goodbye love.

That day
Clouds were whispering about
consequences of love;
Winds were spreading wildly
various emotions.

That day
You said good bye with a rose.
Abandoned our dreams;
to pursue yours.

That day
The rose and I both detached from root,
Left to mourn on the death of ‘what if’ wishes…

Written on poetry contest on allpoetry, It is a picture prompt.
This picture made me feel a bit sad, how does it make you feel?

What do you see? What does it say to you? What has just happened?
Pen me your thoughts I’m curious to see what you come up with.
I want to ‘feel’ and ‘see’ what you are writing about, so weave into your poem lots of emotion and clear images. I will be judging your entries in the way of how they make me ‘feel’ and what I can ‘see’ within your poem.

Do not place your poem in another contest while this one is still open.
Minimum line count is 10.
More than 1 word per line.
Rhyme or prose or free write only.
Allpoetry, Contest, Poetry

Rhythm of cosmos.

Can you hear?

There is a music all over universe;
Music of creation and destruction;
Continuous practice to become better;
Act of evaluation, alteration, accumulation?

Can you hear?
A heart beat of of a new born star;
Tears of a dying lighting giant;
A sigh of a lonely planet;
Or roar of a black hole?

Can you hear?
A song that the cosmos hums;
An eagerness of a shooting star;
Merging ceremony of two galaxy;
Or long laughter of a comet?

Can you hear?
The music of the universe that beats in your heart? Can you?

Written on : Saturday, July 14, 2012
Type: Freeverse
Written for: Allpoetry contest.
Image: Internet



I traveled

by rough weather,
Through harsh winds, on unstable sands,
Chased by mirages, under the proud sun,
In course of discovering
the kindness of desert, an Oasis.

Written on: Saturday, September 8, 2012
Type: Free Verse, Brevity  
Written for the contest of AllPoetry online group.  


There is a time fall and to rise;
After winter when the sun will shine
I spread my wings to blossom
from a tiny seed…

Poetry Info::

Image taken from::

Written for AllPoetry contest

“…And I shall rise!

No one can tell me otherwise.”

– Poetry only
– 25 words exactly (no more no less)
– No cutting, suicide, foul language, sex or sex-related, religion or dark poetry.
Will allow some sadness here, but nothing overly sad.