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The Red Impact.


It was a red embraced evening,
As I was watering the plants,
I saw her.
Wearing the red dress,
Same as I had one,
Gifted by him.
With white flowers in hands.
Walking somewhere,
She didn’t look at me.
She was in hurry.
But I saw her.
She was
wearing my fantasies,
living my moments,
feeling my joy.

The Red Color I recalled.

Usually has an impact in my life.

I met him in a red painted gallery,
He proposed me with red roses,
Our bedroom had a red carpet,

The day when was sick,
Red blood covered my lower,
The doctor wearing a red glass frame,
My heart pondered,
Fetus died.

The day he got caught,
He was wearing a red necktie.
The day we separated,
It was a red moon day.

Gone those days.

As I seat on the chair,
Looked into the kit,
Indicated red.
The new love would arrive soon,
The red roses from balcony giggled,
The wind whispered not all red are gloomy!!!

Wrote on a contest called ‘color red’ at 


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