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Definition Of Being Strong!

Once an injured bird fell down in front of a giant Lion. Instead of hurting the bird, the lion decided to help to cure her wounds. 

In the process of healing bird has discovered a lots of things about the king of the jungle. She also found him very wise. So the little bird grabbed some courage to ask some questions to enlighten her. 

After a long silence Little Bird took a deep breath and said ‘ What makes you so strong?’. 

Lion smiled and explained ‘I’m not strong, just that I have decided to not to go back doesn’t mean I’m strong. I have a strong wall backside that’s why I can’t move back.’ 

– “What kind of wall? “

– “God, he is there to take care. I have pass all my fears and worries to him, see? I might not stronger than what all I’m dealing with, but he is more stronger than anything in this universe. Don’t you think it is a good idea to rely on someone very stronger than all your problems?” A smile spread on Lion’s face.

Little bird returned back the favor with a bigger smile and thankful eyes.

PC: Found on internet.. 


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