Lover’s Moan

When I envy all nearer to you
You say ‘you are only light,
All of my lonely night.’
When I whine about your absence,
You say ‘You are in my heart,
Part of my soul that never apart.’
When I’m sad about your departure,
You say ‘Only the body is away,
My mind and memories will stay.’
When I look into your eyes,
All I see is a reflection of my soul,
That makes me complete and whole.
When my path is full of mist, 
and heart buried in grief 
Your charm is my relief,
When I ask, why you love me the way you do,
You say ‘ You are my gift, a reason to live,
a sunshine in rain and a treasure to keep. ’
The words you say, are not only words,
a bond of belonging, a magic spell, a secret lake,
a fragrance of rose, blossom like life, for our sake.

Image: Internet
Written on: Sunday, March 21, 2010
Type: Free-Verse.


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