for Dreamers

I don’t how many of you heard of Richard Bach, the famous writer, author of ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’, who taught that purpose of life is not only snatching food in the sea shore but to fly and learn to fly better… 
I’m reading now one of his book ‘The Gift of Wings’ and came across a paragraph that I needed to hear. Thought you would like that too …
“Early in the year that my Ford was repossessed, I wrote a note to me across some calendar squares where  a distant-future Richard Vach might find it:
How did you survive to this day? From here it looks like a miracle was needed. Did you the Jonathan Seagull book get published? Any films? What totally unconceived new projects? Is it all better and happier? What do you think of my fears?
                                                            -RB 22 March 1968
May be it’s not too late to appear in a smoke puff and answer his questions
You survived because you decided against quitting when the battle wasn’t much fun … that was the only miracle required. Yes, Jonathan finally was published. The film ideas, and few others you hadn’t thought of, are just beginning. Please don’t waster you time worrying of being afraid. “
Hope few lined avobe  few lines help you to stand in the ground and fight for it again as it just did to me. J
All the best! 


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