Fearless!! This is my resolution for this year. I have promised myself to make choices to over come my fear.

We every day make some choice to overcome of your fears, knowingly or unknowingly. For an example when we decide to go for a ride on rollercoaster, we feel the fear but we are so excited to get the experience that we ignore the fear.

Imagine when you were in a rollercoaster, the ups and downs, when you were in fear of falling out and you screamed? But you enjoyed it, didn’t you? You enjoyed the fear, the tension and the passion. And that moment you owned over fear and it made you feel alive. It Increased your energy level high. and you enjoyed the thrilled with presence awareness of fear.

So fearless doesn’t mean absence of fear but to accept it and execute or do something to over come it.

You might be have a thought that the life of the experiment to overcome of fear was less, so it was easier to overcome, but what about real time ?

What about when you feel fear while to select a career and struggle over it, to work on a relationship, to take a new responsibility? A fear of failure.

When you come across the big fear, just remind yourself those lines ‘What if I die tomorrow? Will I regret for not trying at least one?’. If yes, then don’t stop today, go ahead give a try… and…

…………………..Become a fearless.

Happy New Year!! 2011

-By Dipa Rani (7-Jan-11)

Photo Source :: Internet.


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