Mighty Ocean & A Tiny wave…

A Tiny wave,
Feeling sad…
Being despair, shedding tears, hates to be called as a part of ocean…

A Tiny wave,
Running fast…
Reaching the shore, wanting to touch the sky with her whole emotion..

A Tiny wave,
With dreamy eyes…
Wants to explore, discover unknown, denying all the caution…

A Tiny wave,
Trying hard….
Jumping high with all her strength to reach her extreme imagination….

A Tiny wave,
With challenge tag….
lonely surfing, only searching high, wondering why, for reason of her creation…

A Tiny wave,
Falling fast…
When the night falls and the ocean silently embraces her in affection….

A Tiny wave,
Melting down…
when the ocean whispered in her ear ‘for my existence you are the reason….’

A Tiny wave,
With deep compassion…
Realizing that she has always been a part of the mighty destination….. …

And The Tiny wave,
As a smiling soul…
Merging with the ocean without leaving a trace of her formation… …


12 thoughts on “Mighty Ocean & A Tiny wave…”

  1. Everything,organic or inorganic, howsoever humble its existence may be,tries to prove its existence and meaning in this universe. The wave too is a moving force, keeps on evolving and taking it towards somewhere it doesn't know. The shore may or may not be its destination/end as it leads so many other waves. The chain continues to be incessant throughout the day and takes a pause during nights….only to begin afresh in the morning.

    Likewise, we the humans, too have to make our presence felt in this world. We are not weak in any manner and we have everything to achieve whatever we aspire. The world is full of many opportunities, obstacles, helping hands and many others, known and unknown,who are there to greet you with warmth and love once you show your determination and strength.

    Also, we must keep this in mind that if anyone is there who could be of associated with us in any way should be treated like our companion and not a master.

    The identity must be protected at any cost.


  2. @ Jojo: thanks buddy…
    @ Spendy: thanks for commenting.
    @ TingTong: you are so close to my imagination, thanks for commenting…
    @ Dhirendra : i liked your comment very much specially where you said “The identity must be protected at any cost.”
    @ Sunil: thanks for reading it and appreciate it.. my pleasure.
    @Anindita: Thanks darling, will forward to Owner of Charming Voice's comment… God bless


  3. Hi I am MP, Ani's Dad, read your beautiful Poem. At the out set let me thank you for being my Local Guardian, in Hyderabad. I felt at home after you contacted me. Any way stanza seven of your poem, made me to think, whether Waves are the reason for the existence of ocean or the depth of ocean culminates into manifested waves.


  4. Hey di,exxxxxcellent goosebumps on reading that wonderful piece.Its really captivating..i think words arn't enough for that..
    Moreover,what i felt after reading the poem is..u hav depicted different shades of character that god has created under his survillience.Different character responds in a different manner to his existence.Somebody quetions Him for his existence,sombody finds himself a part of this whole creation..somebody denies to accept the fact….n lastly a pure soul finds that his entire being is in the existence itself..he is born in existence and will die in existence..


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