Lying down here waiting for you..
With the all hopes and love

As the promise is unbreakable
You ought to come untraced

When everyone think of leaving me
You will take me in your arms

I will be looking more peaceful and beautiful then ever
And you will take me where I belong..

Oh Amigo…
I’m no more afraid of unknown..
I’ve no moan of loosing love
As you hold my hand…

I’m not panic for longing in the dark of eternity…
Now I know this is not the end of everything…

It is just beginning of new journey through the milky way to Garden of Eden.


10 thoughts on “Amigo.”

  1. Hi Deepa..

    I sent this poem to my little darling.Though it was not written by me, she could feel the warm as I hold her hand. You have given her courage with your power of words. Thank you so much.


  2. hey Deepaa…I never new that ur feelings r so deep. I donot hav words to leave any testimonials because the words are worthless than the feelings. I am not aware of how many hearts u hav attracted….but sure my heart is magnetized. I wish u will comeout with many more such.
    – suresh


  3. Oh sweet soul,beautiful poem of Hope and Love,telling Us that we Always have a Friend to hold our hand and help us go thrue our journey,very powerful,Thank's for let us enter to your world!!!


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