A golden aura, from the time of nothing to his existence, started his journey of no end. He gifted his love ‘The Light’, after every night. He blessed her with his life; loosing each times an atom of his own. The pleasure of giving in love is life. He knows, he must be needed to get what he needs to live. Her love is the reason for his living. Her care is his strength and affection is his power. There is always a connection same as gravity that creates a bond between giver and taker, love and to be loved. Like a secret deed between planets and stars for survival.


7 thoughts on “Existence

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  1. Existence..luv..really great note..
    great thought…so far read many times..still..feel like ,shud read once more……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    en lighted..deep'u r amazing..pray
    2 almighty..whispers you with blessings………………………


  2. Hi Deepa…

    My little darling is my strength coz she gives me true love. Without it…life isn't easy to walk through. Your words depict all that I want. Congratulation!! Very well written…


  3. @ Narendra: Thank you so much for your appreciation.

    @ Robert Foo: Yes without true love the walk won't be easy.

    @ Kaustubh: Darkness just only a part of life sometime, but always we should know there is always a sunshine after a dark night.. well said.


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