A dream that follows me always,
Accompanies my journey beyond my wishes.

I can sense a deep essence,
In my sleep and while I’m awake.

I can feel a strong influence,
In my busy schedules or in my lazy moments.

If I see a storm, it holds my hands and whispers to have faith,
If I can’t find my way, it encourage for a quest till the death.

The dream makes me believe on sunshine in dark nights,
And gives strength to converse all wrongs to all rights.

A dream that give me hopes and holds me so close,
A dream that makes me strong when things turns worse.

A dream that creates goals and lead a path,
A dream that inspire me to always walk.

A dream, is itself so complete and mighty,
A dream where I always discover my eternity,

A Dream thats make me a passionate DREAMER,
To create a WONDER.


6 thoughts on “Dreamer”

  1. nice poem and nice words, some more metaphors would have been great! Its a worth read and let you think more deep. Dream itself is a metaphor thou so its a very well knitted poetry


  2. dreams are our inner thought..thoughts those circulate in brain chip..n make us alarm..

    N this alarm..converts in wonder if you are real passionate..

    heart touching poem..deep..keep it doinggg..luvlyy


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