Lived another day…

After a sunset, like long a breath, one part is over, one day is over. Until another struggle, need some peaceful sleep to get some energy for a next fight. Fight to survive in your job, fight to keep a relationship alive, fight to keep your identity, keep your words, keep your confidence.

The crowds of people can’t make you contented; sadness is the price you pay for being happy someday. Nothing more and nothing less, you get all equal. A tired soul, broken heart yelled for a miracle. Miracle of love that only can enlighten your soul, to see a smile for you, to hear voice you love, helps you to reduce your pain, just you know someone is thinking about you, cares and loves you for what you are.

The warmth of love, you feel safe and secure, gives satisfaction to live, gives you strength to go on. I’m not strong enough to say no to love, when I need it most. I’m not strong enough to say no when happiness is opening its door. If you say I’m wrong and weak, so do I. Because I’m just a Human and let me be a Human.


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