Missing You….

“Missing you” are not just two words

Or a mere feeling of sorrow

But like darkness in absence of lights and cold like death…

Waiting on you is not just an act

Or watching the clock ticking

But holding water on your palm and not let it fall…

Faith on your love is not just a word

Or a promise to keep

But keeping a petal of rose and feel it fresh daily

Thought of yours not clip of a memory

Or countable seconds that spent

But the feelings which contain the depth of ocean…

To me you are not just a human

Or a beloved for lifetime

But a companion for our journey of eternity….

Rewrote on 11-Aug-09 by Deepa (Arclamp)


17 thoughts on “Missing You….”

  1. If best is the word to describe some thing to the highest manner ….. I would sat its the BEST…BEST…BEST.

    Nicely arranged words to give a wonderful touch to a very common feeling “Missing someone”. If Missing is so beautiful I would love to miss something to get this feeling.

    Nice work Deepa (MOTI)…….


  2. Hi! .. Deepa.. The word u used really touching. I feel its great and it seems like one day the same situation I experienced in my life. But When I see your poem Now I understand everything we can put in to the paper beautifully as u did and let heart feels so relax.

    THanks & Regards


  3. A noraml person cannot write this kind of poem and even imagine. Yur thoughts are beautiful. It shows you are highly Matured. You have great writing skills.

    Keep writing forever until u alive. I wish you,,,,One day U may get good name and publicity. Everybody die to read ur writings.


  4. beautiful piece of work…. so touchy…… words use for expression are just excellent….

    “proti ta sobdo sagar theke ana mukta r moto socho, ujjowal are amullya”

    keep writing ……


  5. Along the internet way i stumbled on your blog, quite nice, you articulate your mind really well!!! you have great ideas, i really appreciate the way your think, neverthless your words are abstract and does not convey the message you want to say at times. I guess your language needs some polish..!!

    I hope you would take this in a right sense!!


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