Now the time is 2:00pm and heavily raining here. In my office my cabin is nearer to window, I’m enjoying the flow, listening songs of rain, no doubt my heart going wild and romantic. I love rain, love to see the flow, always it takes to the dream world where I belong. I feel strong bond with it. Rain is interrupting my concentration towards work. So I thought of enjoying the rain for a while and can write a letter to you. I feel good whenever I think of you. I wish I could have a coffee with you, in balcony of a house. What you probably do???? First of all taste the coffee and you might tell ‘Oh! I wanted more strong’. You might ask me to seat and give you company, and then you could tell what you feel and think, or else you can tell about the oak tree, or about your throat infection. Then you want me to be closer. I can lie down on you chest and you hold me tightly. We can enjoy rain and talk about our unfulfilled dreams about our past, present or future, and the words will be start melting and we will get more and more closer…

-Auguest 25,2007


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