A Dream

The place was cover with falling snows and white clouds. It was neither day nor night. It was not morning or evening either. There is no sign of sun but it was as good as sun light, the soft ray was spread out. Then I felt you with my sense. I knew you were there somewhere, but was not able to recognize. I smelt your fragrance. I was looking for you madly; I inspected each and every thing but no sign of yours, but till my senses continuously sending signals of your appearance. Then I followed my heart, I knew I would reach you this way ….

I opened my eyes, and saw you. You were there, sitting alone and thinking something or me. You couldn’t see me your eyes lost somewhere in the dreams and you were smiling. There was a huge transparent glass between us, I tried to get your attention, I shouted your name as loud as I could but…. you could not hear. I was alone standing there; kept a hope in my heart, just once if you could turn around… But

And once again I am alone with my failures…

-Deepa (21st Aug 2007)


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