January Flowers

I mean, think about it! Who doesn’t love flowers! Especially winter flowers, fresh and bright. This year the cold is little bit too much, but it seems flowers don’t care! And I like that kinda attitude..

Today my tribute to all beautiful flowers that made this winter bearable and beautiful.

And here is full lines for flowers:-

There is a time fall and to rise;

When the time is right and sun is bright

I spread my wings to bloom

from a tiny seed…

@drgmemoir| All rights reserve.

@drgmemoir| All rights reverse



Lover’s Moan

When I envy all nearer to you
You say ‘you are only light,
All of my lonely night.’

When I whine about your absence,
You say ‘You are in my heart,
Part of my soul that never apart.’

When I’m sad about your departure,
You say ‘Only the body is away,
My mind and memories are to stay.’

When I look into your eyes,
All I see is a reflection of my soul,
That makes me complete and whole.

When my path is full of mist, 
and heart buried in grief 
Your charm is my relief,

When I ask, why you love me the way you do,
You say ‘ You are my gift, a reason to live,
a sunshine in rain and a treasure to keep. ’

The words you say, are not only words,
a bond of belonging, a magic spell, a secret lake,
a fragrance of rose, blossom like life, for our sake.


Image: Internet
Written on: Sunday, March 21, 2010
Type: Free-Verse.

Sun Moon Poetry

I imagine a day, with soft lights of Sun around me, walking on tulip garden. smelling fresh grass and hearing bird chirps, altogether it turn into music, music of this world. As I m walking, endless tulips around me, wearing sunshine all over, I slowly emerge with the sun to be part of this world.

I m imaging a night with a moon. Not full moon but a arc. Not complete yet beautiful. With a borrowed light it does wonders to human, it inspires the emotions, rain and poems. I let wear my soul the silver drizzle to heal. Once again the kindness of universe saves the world.

When I think about  Poetry,  in this huge world  and universe, where we live and grow as a species, poetry add a charm to our sadness, gives a beautiful expression to our scares and reason to feel find hope to our greatest losses. Poetry has the spirit of healer, heart of a creator and source of greatest joy. We may hold on to it forever.

Found this wonderful quote on Sun and Moon on internet, just love it.


Here is my short poem on Sun, Moon and Poetry… Hope you like it

A splendid glow,

Across the sky,

Makes life possible.

A smoothing light,

Makes nights bright,

Creates hopes and dreams.

Few words,

Express the Suns and Moons,

Beyond any sense can apprehend.

Hope you can relate my experience here. Ending this post with this wonderful quote on poetry.

quote-poetry-is-not_16901-3 (1)

“The dancing Sun the dancing moon the dancing stars and the dancing galaxies are the direct expression of our divine Self.”


Let my love…

This picture I took while my stay in IHG Hotel, Uluberia, WB. Far from the city those two swan live in a resort lake. They swim together, eat together and walk together. It was a very warm feeling watching them together, they reminded me of love, hope and joy of life. I thanked them before I left, and they quacked me in return. What could they say to each other if they can speak? May be similar to these words:

Let my love grow for you

beyond the sky,

deeper than ocean.

Let my love grow for you

behind the senses,

within our soul.

Let my love grow for you

with glory of trust,

in the tie of forever…


Long live swans.. long live and love….

Winter is fading…

Winter is fading. A good news for me. Though Spring is still little far but my heart started blooming already. I was randomly walking on our podium. I saw those beautiful flowers blooming in someone’s else terrace, a reminder of Spring. My heart whispered few words.. Though it is nothing about Spring but off course something about a good feeling…


” A journey…

      From a dream to within dream;

      Where words dissolves and silent rules.

A letter arrived..

     From  a world within world;

     where logic is powerless and feelings wins.

I summoned….

      A heart within a heart

       Where love blossoms and hatred fades…  “

IMG_20190109_191512 (002).jpg



Tears are emotional strength.

I was completely broken. The brutal truth was whatever I thought was real, just fictions of my expectation and dreams. And it hurt, a lot. I felt I was alone in this world.  I was standing in front of my own ocean of tears. I saw deaths of my dreams and the wave carried it into the deeper ocean. I grieved the death of dreams, alone, sobbing until it felt little lighter.

Sometimes I wish I could a be less sensitive then the pain might spared me for good but then I would have missed lots of emotional contentment in the process. So I decided to be sentimental and take the pain.


It was very difficult to hang on positivism when the world was constantly sinking. When others with whom carried my daily life decided not to share me any of the vision of their worlds with me nor wanted to be part of my inner world, it became difficult to walk with them. It is like they were walking along  with me and yet with me. Completely two different things. That’s made me a loner. Being loner for a sentimental person is difficult.

So here came my tears,

They shared my pain,

Helped me to cope,

Gave me hope…

Whispered to hold little longer..

Tears were my emotional strength that kept me going!




What I have learnt in 2018!

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-I need not to be a perfect person to be loved by someone.

-There will be always some people who would hate me despite of all good work I have done for them. And it’s ok.

– My energy is not to waste to impress someone to love me. It doesn’t work in that way. Love comes naturally. We can’t force love.

– Not everyone in this world came here to love or respect me. And that’s ok.

-To give a meaning to my life, I must devote sometime to myself and do things that I love to do.

– It is ok to feel bad, hopeless and experiencing negative emotions at a times. This is part of being human, I accept it.

– Sometimes all things around me make me feel void and empty, and that is ok. Nobody feels positive all the time in life.

– Life doesn’t grant all our wishes, sometimes I must let go few ideas that doesn’t work for me and think of new ones.

– Though I have all rights to look grumpy and tough after 40. I decided to add little Joy on my heart and face whenever I can.

– It’s good idea to laugh and crack jokes on my disappointments. Sometimes it is the best way to cope.

– Live, love and laugh as much as I can, coz everything here comes with an expiry date.